1. Jessica Arnold

    Matthew, I don’t know why I came to watch this when I read that e-mail telling me to. I didn’t want to see it because it made me cry. How do you watch this 1,000 times?
    I’m taking it that this is Father & Son?.. I didn’t realize there was a movie on the reality of this situation, and I’m not sure I could watch it because I would then get sad. What’s the moral of all of this? This video shows the father and son racing together.. that alone made me sad.. maybe it’s the love you can see and the passion you can see in this father for his son? I really don’t know what i feel from watching this. Just sad, and happy for them both! I think they are winners even though they didn’t cross first.
    This to me is touching like the Romania video of yours. Sometimes I like to hide from the reality of the world though.

    Beautiful video and your brother was nice to get you to watch it over and over.


  2. Amber

    At 1:56 min left, my lip began to quiver. Come :20 seconds left to view, my eyes were so blurred, I couldn’t make out the rest of the video. That in itself is a true accomplish and watching this video has brought perspective to my life today. Thank you, Matthew.

    Amber Nicole

  3. Jessica Arnold

    Thank you, that made it so much more clear for me. To think that the Doctors told the parents of this young man to throw him away to a home because he was going to be a veg his whole life. That made me a little unsettled because so many parents do such a thing! He is the true meaning and I wish all parents could see that whether or NOT your child is in a vegi state, there is still someone brilliant inside! That’s a beautiful thing.. Now I think I could watch that DVD.
    Thanks Matthew 🙂
    Keep Smiling!

  4. TX932/St. Olaf

    Yo, I saw this at a Christian camp in East Texas called Sky Ranch. Beautiful man, absolutely beautiful. Lunga vita familiare!!!

  5. Cherie

    I just received a link to this from my best friend. We went to school with Ricky and she (my friend) knows the Hoyt’s quite well. I can tell you guys they are each of them, incredible, inspiring individuals, and it is humbling to witness their struggles and accomplishments knowing my own pale in comparison even without such obstacles.
    My strongest impression of Ricky is happiness. He has a great sense of humor and tho I had never spent a lot of time in his presence, the impression he left is strong. How can any of us conjur a single complaint about our lives when this man embraces his so beautifully. Bravo to the Hoyts, just for being who they are~!!

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