1. Marcus

    Hello to ya friend. What an awesome thing you’ve got going here. You’ve transitioned from a couple of pics to this! WOW!! Keep the faith baby and let the Lord bless you richly. I was great to see ya recently in church and we look forward to hearinh more good stuff.

  2. Andy

    Awesome! I’ve been reading about Mogulus lately. It’s cool that you’ve already setup your channel.

    The next step would be to setup a live broadcast! Super cool stuff.

  3. Andy

    I’ve got a good idea. I can help you put this in a pop-up window, much like matt-radio. This way, it would be available on demand!

  4. Jessica Arnold

    This is really neat. What would be a little cooler is if you somehow set up a real “live” broadcast.. like reality TV or something! Just an idea! 🙂

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