1. Andy Denton

    i’ve never really gotten into that show. there’s really only a few i follow. Lost, The Office, HIMYM, and Prison Break to a lesser extent.

  2. Andy Denton

    but, the video player is pretty clean. i hate the Youtube player. So, anything else is a plus.

  3. Jessica Arnold

    That’s a nice player! Clear picture, and no interuptions! Most players break up and skip, I watched all of this and it didn’t 🙂

  4. Craig Rickabaugh

    The controls are very clean and the picture is unbelievable clear. I agree with Andy, I hate the YouTube player and would welcome this change for future video postings.

    I didn’t realize how funny Family Guy is…

  5. Lewis G

    Pretty cool. Nice crisp clarity.

  6. Lewis G

    pretty cool. nice crisp picture

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