My good friend, Bob Barrett, allowed me special access to the Lantern Balcony of Saint Helena’s Episcopal Church — the highest point in Beaufort, South Carolina!

Watch below, then make some comments here on the blog – tell me what you think.
The “Money Shot” is Video #4 below!


  1. Andy

    Wow. I would have liked to go up there too. You always see that steeple driving over the bridge. I bet not many people have been able to go up there. You should take more still photos too. Stills would have been great to have printed and hanging on a wall.

  2. Jessica

    oh boy, very nice… 5,6,7 are missing though. He charged you $100.00.. aww

  3. Esther

    Hi Matt,
    it’s great to see you and Beaufort via Internet. I love your homepage…especially the music and comments! Many greetings from Berlin, Germany. Esther

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