In The Sun

The following video is a compilation of footage I took February 1st.
An awesome sunrise — there was a low cloud cover above the island, but the sky was clear on the horizon… So, the sunlight hit the clouds from below.

The song is by Coldplay, featuring Michael Stipe, and titled “In The Sun” — seemed appropriate.

In The Sun from Matthew Denton on Vimeo.

Ooyala Fire Channel has a new video management, editing, and hosting suite called Backlot… The download is free, and so is all management, editing, and uploading. They make their money charging a very fair fee for “minutes viewed’ of embedded video online.

Their viewer has 2 configurations – 3D and 2D… Toggle switch is on bottom right corner.
Comment back on which you like best.

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Fire Walk

I witnessed an incredible sunrise the other morning — captured the 5 videos below.
Looks like I am walking into fire!

Watch below, then make some comments here on the blog – tell me what you think.
The “Money Shots” are Videos #3 and #5, so I put them first.

Sky Fire – 3of5

Into Flame – 5of5

Red Sky – 1 of 5

Biking Out – 2of5

Cloud Poke – 4of5