The following video is a compilation of footage I took February 1st.
An awesome sunrise — there was a low cloud cover above the island, but the sky was clear on the horizon… So, the sunlight hit the clouds from below.

The song is by Coldplay, featuring Michael Stipe, and titled “In The Sun” — seemed appropriate.

In The Sun from Matthew Denton on Vimeo.


  1. Gretchen Marquardt

    Hey Matty…what wonderful video. I love your website. Looks like life is good for you. We are doing well in California too! Thanks for keeping in touch and for keeping us connected to our beautiful south that we miss so much. It is good to see the low country and to remember that our journey will lead us closer to home with every step.

  2. Jessica

    Hi Matthew,
    I enjoyed the video…very beautiful. Hope you are doing well!

  3. Tony

    Very cool song and video…Thanks

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