4:30am this morning, I drove to Hunting Island (SC) and watched the sunrise.

I have been going to some beach nearly every week for years now – often several time per week…
I arrive always An hour or so before dawn, and never leave before the sun fully rises.

Never do I sense God’s presence more.
This is when I say my prayers, and talk to The Almighty.
So, here is what my church looked like this morning:


  1. Paul Berry

    great service Matt, how about co hosting a call with me one
    Sunday, you at the beach and I will be in my chamber..do you get a good cell signal at the beach..
    I would love for you to share the love of Jesus with others thru PBM,do you like to share your testimony or have a special word from the Lord you share..
    love you
    lets talk more 321-225-9400

  2. Kim Denton Coy

    Matthew….how breathtaking…words cannot express how much I loved watching ur video of u and ur church. Just makes me miss u and ur family that much more. Hope all is well…Love U – K

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