Just like in the movie The Terminator, the march to Judgment Day has begun – for real!
Only, the real Terminator will have 3 fingers.

Thank you to www.hizook.com for the narration.
More about this (and other) robots from the Ishikawa Komuro Lab.

This video introduces the demonstration of skillful manipulation using a high-speed robotic system.

The hand module has three fingers, a developed small harmonic drive gear, and a high power mini-actuator used for each finger. The hand can close the joints at 180° in 1/10 of a second. The vision system consists of 128 x 128 photodetectors, and an all-pixel parallel processing array. Using the vision chip enables various image features to be computed within 1 millisecond… This tactile Sensor is a sheet-like object with only four wires. The sensor can measure the center position of a two-dimensional distributed load, and the total load within 1 millisecond. High speed control improves not just the speed of existing robot manipulations. Pursuing the upper limits in terms of speed for mechanical systems, we developed appropriate new control methods for high-speed manipulation.

This is dribbling… High-speed active control enables the maintaining of a periodically stable motion. We call it “dynamic holding”. The dribbling period is around 100 milliseconds.

This is pen spinning… The task is achieved due to the stability of objects experiencing high-speed rotation. The contact force and the timing of shifts about the axis of rotation are modified in real-time by tactile feedback.

This is throwing… The release method is designed so that the error of the ball direction is reduced by the apparent force, which is generated by a high-speed arm swing. In this way, we develop new robust control methods by introducing the remarkable features peculiar to high-speed motion. Based on such a control strategy, skillful handling of more practicle objects is also achieved.

This is knotting of a rope… The hand can dexterously control a flexible object through high-speed sensory feedback control, regardless of its unpredictable motion.

This is grasping a rice grain with tweezers… The tiny object is manipulated using a typical human tool. High-speed visual serveying enables the modification of force between finger and the tool.

This is dynamic re-grasping of cell phone… This re-grasping consists of throwing and catching – which contrasts with traditional methods that maintain contact state.

These videos show that high-speed sensor motor fusion has great potential to produce new control strategies and new robotic skills.

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