You Are Going To Make It

The other day, I was in a deep, dark place… And these words pulled me out.

Struggle means: to progress with difficulty.
You know what that means? It means that you’re going to make it.

And I don’t even know what you’re going through.
And I’m not even going to tell you that I understand.

But if you’ll accept this suggestion as it be. From experience, take it from me.
Your struggle – it’s all part of his plan.

And you are going to make it.

Setbacks are just set forth to strengthen your spirit and character.
If you ever obtain the wisdom that you have already been blessed with…
You’ll see. You had to be messed with.

In order to be able to look someone else in the face, eye to eye, and say:
You are going to make it.

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Words of inspiration from one of God’s messengers – Cornelius “See” Flowers.

Stand for something,… or something will stand in the way of what you could have stood for. And if you don’t stand for something in this life, let me ask you – What are you good for?

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Functional Foods

I was organizing old emails, and ran across the following from my friend Jim Byrum.
The wisdom is timely for me, as I am progressively pursuing a vegetarian diet.

So, in support of the vegetables (and fruits), I offer the following:

This Is My Prayer

Have you ever spoken words so inspired, that you didn’t know where those words came from?
Listen to Calvin Sharpe… He knows exactly where his words come from – and so do I.

God speaks to us… Are you listening?

Want to hear true talent?

Yesterday, my good friend Zack Walker and I were driving out to Harbor Island; and he popped in a CD… Turns out Zack and a friend got together yesterday morning to jam, and they recorded the audio on a computer… Zack burned a CD to get a feel for how they sound — and he just got around to listening with me in the car.

Once I heard it, I made him wait for me to make a copy… And I created mp3 files of the songs.
These guys are talented beyond belief! They are not rock stars, and not on American Idol… But they should be.

Listen to these songs below — The 1st 3 are originals!… Tell me what you think.


Beaufort High

My good friend, Bob Barrett, allowed me special access to the Lantern Balcony of Saint Helena’s Episcopal Church — the highest point in Beaufort, South Carolina!

Watch below, then make some comments here on the blog – tell me what you think.
The “Money Shot” is Video #4 below!