Ooyala Fire Channel

Ooyala.com has a new video management, editing, and hosting suite called Backlot… The download is free, and so is all management, editing, and uploading. They make their money charging a very fair fee for “minutes viewed’ of embedded video online.

Their viewer has 2 configurations – 3D and 2D… Toggle switch is on bottom right corner.
Comment back on which you like best.

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Fire Walk

I witnessed an incredible sunrise the other morning — captured the 5 videos below.
Looks like I am walking into fire!

Watch below, then make some comments here on the blog – tell me what you think.
The “Money Shots” are Videos #3 and #5, so I put them first.

Sky Fire – 3of5

Into Flame – 5of5

Red Sky – 1 of 5

Biking Out – 2of5

Cloud Poke – 4of5