Patriotic Sky

Incredible colors – blood red of the coming sun, a few rays of blinding white light,
and solid blue of the disappearing night… A real patriotic sky.

This footage was recorded from deck of the Harbor River Bridge, looking over Harbor Island.
About 2 hours later, I recorded the Hunting Island footage.

Church This Morning

4:30am this morning, I drove to Hunting Island (SC) and watched the sunrise.

I have been going to some beach nearly every week for years now – often several time per week…
I arrive always An hour or so before dawn, and never leave before the sun fully rises.

Never do I sense God’s presence more.
This is when I say my prayers, and talk to The Almighty.
So, here is what my church looked like this morning:

Functional Foods

I was organizing old emails, and ran across the following from my friend Jim Byrum.
The wisdom is timely for me, as I am progressively pursuing a vegetarian diet.

So, in support of the vegetables (and fruits), I offer the following:

Dig Out

Times are hard… Many people, and businesses, find themselves “in a ditch”.
Well, it is time to dig out.

Here are a few minutes I pieced together from TD Jakes… Well worth watching!

This Is My Prayer

Have you ever spoken words so inspired, that you didn’t know where those words came from?
Listen to Calvin Sharpe… He knows exactly where his words come from – and so do I.

God speaks to us… Are you listening?